Our annual safety certification service

For landlords who either reside far away from their properties, or do not have the time to take care of their residents, managing their property can prove difficult. Managing your rental property requires a lot of work, from ensuring that your tenants remain happy with the state of the property to making sure that all of your safety certificates are accounted for. We offer landlord services and building maintenance in Leeds that can take all of the hassle away from managing your property. As well as managing your property and taking care of your tenants, we can also arrange for annual safety certification.

There are a number of annual safety certifications that a landlord needs to be aware of. These include the gas safety certificate, the portable appliance test certificate and the electrical safety certificate. These show that the appliances and systems in your property have been sufficiently tested and are safe to be used by your tenants. They ensure that you are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, keeping your tenants safe from potential dangers.

We can arrange for all of your annual safety certificates, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that these essential issues are not ignored or otherwise missed. All relevant maintenance tasks and repairs will be carried out with your prior consent, and with a pre-approved cost limit to ensure that you don’t spend over your budget. Should any required work exceed the pre-approved limit, then we will provide you with an instant quote, with the handymen themselves contacting you if any required repairs need to be more extensive. For any large scale projects, you will be contacted for prior approval and will receive a formal quote for the work that is required. Our team will personally obtain all quotes on your behalf. We will also manage the work and communicate with you throughout, ensuring that you are kept up to date on all work that is being carried out.

We pride ourselves on offering landlord services and building maintenance in Leeds to make our client’s lives that much easier and their properties much safer. We provide a fully professional, friendly and reliable service to all landlords who need to take care of their properties, and ensure that all matters in concerns to safety certification are fully taken care of.