Our annual safety certification service

For landlords who either reside far away from their properties, or do not have the time to take care of their residents, managing their property can prove difficult. Managing your rental property requires a lot of work, from ensuring that your tenants remain happy with the state of the property to making sure that all of your safety certificates are accounted for. We offer landlord services and building maintenance in Leeds that can take all of the hassle away from managing your property. As well as managing your property and taking care of your tenants, we can also arrange for annual safety certification. Continue reading

Premier maintenance services for landlords

When you run a property, it takes time and a great deal of commitment. There are many landlords out there that do not have the available time to successfully run their rental properties, or it may be the case that you live in a different area. Whatever your circumstances, we can provide you with the perfect, cost-efficient solution. Our comprehensive property maintenance in Leeds makes life easy for landlords that want peace of mind but do not wish to engage the services of a management agency. Continue reading

Who is responsible for rented property repairs?

When a rental property is occupied by a tenant, the landlord is responsible for most repairs. This applies to private, housing association and council landlords. However, depending on the agreement there can be certain issues that the landlord isn’t responsible for, such as cleaning the stairway or clearing the garden, meaning the tenant will have to do it themselves. Continue reading

The amazing things you can do with tiles

Tiles can be used anywhere in a property, not just in kitchens and bathrooms. The diverse range of sizes, styles and finishes means you can use them wherever you like and add some interest and texture to spaces. Whether you opt for large format tiles to cover an entire wall or smaller accentuating borders, you can create a unique decoration for the space. Tiles are also very easy to look after and you can even use modern under-floor heating if you want to avoid floors getting too cold. Continue reading