Who is responsible for rented property repairs?

When a rental property is occupied by a tenant, the landlord is responsible for most repairs. This applies to private, housing association and council landlords. However, depending on the agreement there can be certain issues that the landlord isn’t responsible for, such as cleaning the stairway or clearing the garden, meaning the tenant will have to do it themselves.

In all cases, landlords are responsible for repairs on electrical wiring, gas appliances, plumbing appliances such as sinks and certain aspects of the structure of the building including walls, doors and windows. As well as these, landlords are responsible for rectifying any interior damage that is the result of disrepair or possibly even the replacement of faulty items like fridges, if they were provided at the beginning of the tenancy. Appliances purchased or provided by the tenant are not included in this.

It’s understandable that landlords will want a reliable and trustworthy service to help them keep their properties in top condition. In the past, they only had two options; maintain it themselves or pay a management company commission. However, we can offer a third option, meeting all of maintenance needs of your rental property without you having to pay a monthly commission fee. Instead, our clients will only pay for services they use, meaning that we provide a cheaper alternative to a property management company.

Because we’re independent, we are also able to deliver a personalised service on a different level. Offering a wide range of services including tiling, kitchen fitting and joinery in Leeds, we can handle all aspects of maintenance no matter how challenging. We’ll ensure your property is kept in good condition, that your tenants and safe and comfortable and that you are meeting your obligations as a landlord, providing safe, high quality accommodation for the people who occupy your property.